January 29, 2003
permalink My "Lucky Day" :-)

Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctors to see why my blood sugars had spiked up. I'd done several pump set changes but the levels had kept creeping up to 15s and 16s. I thought I might have had a Urinary Tract Infection. I figured I might as well get a pregnancy test done at the same time.

It took a long time to appear and it was very faint, but the doctor seemed to think there was a fairly good "I'm almost certain" chance that I was pregnant!!!!!


So it's now the day after. It's 3.36pm and I have a 4.15pm appointment with my lovely GP to see if I'm pregnant! To get my blood test results.

Oh my goodness!!!!

I was so happy and I hope it's true. Happy to think that this body that's been through so much might actually be really fertile! It somehow makes me feel healthy.

I'm a bit worried about those days of highs but feel glad now they seem to be coming under control.

It does seem a bit surreal though. I'm excited and stressed at the same time. And it feels so strange to have George Bush with Howard's backing to be sending troops to the Middle East poised for war!

On the way to the doctors yesterday I checked my powerball ticked. I'd won $92!!! Perhaps tt really was "My Lucky Day"!

Um, we'll see...

Later that afternoon....

Bingo! I've got a wee bun in the oven. It's confirmed. Zippideedoodahday and ... oh my god!!!!!!

Posted by patton at January 29, 2003 03:53 PM
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