July 24, 2003
permalink We bought the house! And now how do I afford the pump?

Just a quickie to say that after months of stressful looking and disappointment and a pretty nerve wracking 30 day settlment period, we now own a house. Well the bank does but you know what I mean. We are flat out packing, cleaning and organising everything as well as working. I'm finishing off my last contract. My partner is working full time and sussing out job options which will bring in more money.

It's a relief having an actual room to put the baby in. This house actually already has a nursery that's very cute. And it's good at our ripe old ages of mid-thirties to know we're now heading towards having an asset.

But budget wise it's really driven home to me that my weekly health care costs are massive. Over 150 dollars a week when you include health insurance, medication, pump supplies and trips to the physio, vitamins etc.

Something has to give and I'm really hoping the government will put pump supplies on the NDSS. It's been such a life-prolonging, quality of life enhancer it would be such a shame to go without it. But at 60 a week it's quite a cost.

After the baby is born I'll be reconsidering the level of health insurance I've got too. It's just unsustainable at the moment. I really feel for families where there are multiple chronic illnesses. How on earth do they do it?

Posted by patton at July 24, 2003 06:01 PM
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