June 14, 2005
permalink visit to the ob at 7 and a bit weeks

It was good to see my lovely ob, whose first remark was "Was it the chairs in my office or something?" making reference to the fact that we'd gotten up the duff ridiculously quickly!

She did a scan and said she felt bub was two days older than would be indicated by my last menstrual period. I thought this type of dating was good to get because if I developed pre-eclampsia again, knowing the gestational age of bub as acurately as possible would be important when making decisions about when to deliver the baby.

Once again, I think the ob was surprised that I wasn't more excited about my little blob on the screen! Last time I had cried with joy and amazement as I looked at the wee tote within. But this time I think I just had so much more on my mind. So much more anxiety, especially about who would be looking after me in December while this obstetrician was away on leave.

She mentioned the name of the ob that would be looking after her practice while she was away but when I spoke with my endo he recommended I try to see the ob I had had last time as she knew my history as well as being excellent. After seeing him and getting this advice I agonised over whether I should actually just try to change back to my former ob for the whole pregnancy (as she would be looking after me during the final weeks and most likely the birth anyway while my ob was away) and even now I wonder if this might have been the most sensible and straightforward solution.

But my partner encouraged me to phone my current ob and ask her about the possibility of my former ob (who actually works in a team with my current ob anyway) to take me over while my ob was away. So I phoned her on her mobile (nerve-wracking doing that for the first time when you're used to going through their receptionists!). I had to leave a message. She phoned back later that day, very reassuring saying, "Absoslutely... XXXX will be delighted to see you while I'm away, We cover for each other all the time'.

She told me not to worry... that everything would be fine. This was a major relief. Just having a plan. I'd be very happy with my former ob looking after me in December. Still I felt a bit uneasy about how she would feel when I obviously hadn't gone back to her for this second pregnancy.

I left the obstetrician's office with my partner and my first three baby photos. My baby's pulse had been 174 beats per minute. I was due to the see the ob again in a month. I made the appointment for just after I would have the nuchal translucency scan and blood test at 12 weeks. Fingers crossed!!

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