December 23, 2005
permalink Visit to my ob (just back from NY)

I saw my ob today. Just back today after one month in New York.

She thought I looked good (I was wearing my look good outfit and probably should have chosen something more middle of the range! No seriously, it makes a difference to the comments I get. One outfit and people say, wow are you having twins? and you look tired and the other outift and they say, wow you look great.)

Anyhow getting carried away.


Initially she started talking about moving the dates back a bit so bub could be older than just 37 weeks when born. Then by the end of the appointment, after seeing that my ankles were swollen with the beginnings of oedema and my blood test results were drifting onto the downward slope, she said her gut feeling was that next Wednesday was actually the right date to go with.

I have to get blood tests done tomorrow morning and she is going to talk with my endocrinologist and the paediatrician and then phone me to let me know the decision tomorrow afternoon (Christmas Eve). I suspect it will be all go for next Wednesday.

I felt some relief at being closer to a decision, but after speaking with the paediatrician on the phone this afternoon I felt anxious and a bit sad again. He mentioned that retained fetal lung fluid and even hyaline membrane disease could both be present in a baby born at 37 weeks, although it wasn't common.

The ob talked about being able to deliver the baby slowly even with a caesarean, letting it's head lie for a minute and giving the baby a bit of a squeeze as she pulled him out of me. Doing it gently and removing the placenta gently too. It sounded lovely to me. The squeezing helped with removal of lung fluid she said.

She also said I should be able to get up to see my baby the night after he is born being wheeled up, which was reassuring to hear.

I can't overstate how wonderful it was to have my desire for the most natural birth possible (even though it was a caesarean!) taken into account. And to have my obstetrician so willing and eager to work with the lovely, breastfeeding-friendly paediatrician. She had suggested him to me herself when I told her I was exceptionally keen to breastfeed.

I also so appreciated the obstetrician I'd been seeing while my ob was overseas telling her how important the cord blood collection was to me and giving a really detailed handover to her when she got back from overseas.

The paediatrician (at the appointment I had with him a couple of weeks ago) also spoke about the possibility of the baby being able to be with me on the ward if he was doing well. Wow. How different that would be. Still I fear for him being born early. I hope he will be alright and I really wish I had been able to be even better with my blood sugar control. The last HbA1Cs have been 6.4 and 6.5. Higher than I had with my daughter. Certainly not in the non-diabetic range. Hmmm. Fingers crossed.

I would have my expressed colostrum with me. Hopefully together with my expressed or fed straight from the breast milk this would be enough to keep his blood sugars up. Once again, fingers crossed. We will see.

Wow - We still haven't named him. And wow, still feels like so much left to do around the house. I think now it's list time. Write all the plans and ideas on a list so that at least they can be donw over the next year or so as time allows.

Only four days to go...

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