September 14, 2005
permalink Twenty-Two weeks - diabetes

22 weeks already. My goodness this second trimester is blazing past fast! So much for the snail's pace of the first trimester. There is much to do, but also so much more energy. This in itself is an interesting fact, because at my ob appointment last week I found out that I was actually anaemic. So I'm now on a major mission to get my haemoglobin levels up. And wishing I'd kept up my iron supplements all along. I have quite a bit of energy now and am just imagining how much I could have had if I wasn't anaemic!

At my 20 week scan everything looked fine. Bub was measuring spot on normal size for his gestation (yes it's a boy! We said yes to finding out the sex when it came in with the amnio results, but are doing our best to keep this news from family and friends as we figure it will be much nicer for them to find out at the time of the birth). Haha, we had also been very suspicious that we had a boy after marvelling in the 3D ultrasound videos at what surely could not have been the umbillical cord :)

Anyway, the morphology scan at 20 weeks appeared to be normal, something that gives me great relief as a diabetic, given that diabetes can increase the risk for birth defects. My endo has all along said he was not concerned about this as my HbA1Cs have been good. 6.3 and two 5.7's so far, but it's difficult not to be concerned when you know that your levels, while still good for a diabetic, are reaching much higher and lower than they would if you did not have diabetes. Peaks and troughs.

Still, the blood sugars, apart from a few tricky highs, are so much easier to control in this trimester. It's as though it's difficult to do something to get them out of range in a way, whereas during the first trimester it was difficult to keep them in range. Or at least that's how it feels to me.

Having said that, I seem to be developing a bit of a head cold which is tipping my sugars a bit high (just before my three day trip to Sydney!) and I suspect a bit of insulin resistance is creeping in (despite the fact that my endo says this doesn't usually happen until week 26).

I still worry a bit about that awful flu I had for three weeks at around 11 and a half weeks. It was just so debilitating and awful. But other than that feel fairly at peace with the health of my little one. And also marvelling, as I did last time, at the body's ability to create new life. Just astounding. After having a medical condition like diabetes for so long, to think that this natural and beautiful process is possible. Very humbling and faith-restoring.

My blood pressure is still good (120 on 80 type range). Protein has remained stable over the past month although it increased early in the pregnancy after I went off the Renitec. It will be interesting to see what happens here. I remember my blood pressure starting to rise after 32 weeks last time, with the oedema rising rapidly at the end...

I spoke to my endo about the huge level of oedema I experienced last time, and of what I felt were the consequences: the scar bursting on day two post birth, and fluid leaking out of my scar (100ml per hour at first after the drain was put in). Vision disturbances for four or five days after the birth and language disturbances for two days after the birth. The only way I could figure to avoid this was delivering bub earlier before the fluid built up to the same level. My endo agreed. He pointed to the low levels of albumin in my blood at the time of the birth as the cause of the oedema and said they would watch this closely as well as other things (blood pressure, baby's health, kidney and liver function etc). Hmmm

I have a fairly low protein diet which probably had nothing to do with it, but I thought I might ask the endo next time I saw him if he thought eating a bit more protein might help.

He said my albumin levels were already just below the normal range, but that this is common in pregnancy.

Not sure what else to report. My weight is about 57.5 kg and was about 52 at the time of conception. So I've gained about 5.5 kilos. I reckon I already have a tad of oedema.

From the point of view of just having another baby, it is quite fun being pregnant at this point. I feel the baby moving a lot which is lovely. My two year old now definitely knows that a baby is in mummy's tummy and likes to give the baby tummy lots of hugs. She breastfeeds her own baby doll as well as feeding her from a bottle, which I think is gorgeous.

I'm still a bit bedazzled at the thought of managing two kids though. I feel pretty busy just chasing around after one! And I'm still reluctant to book 1# into child care although I think it would be nice to have the support...

This probably explains why I'm so keen to set up my back yard and under the house for activities. I think if your place is set up well for little ones, you can get a lot more space to get other things done (ie look after a baby) as there is so much more to keep the older child occupied.

We will see what we can achieve! ...

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