March 02, 2004
permalink Total weight gain

I wasn't overly concerned about gaining weight or getting fat during my pregnancy as I knew I'd been eating pretty well. But I also felt that I had put on a fairly staggering amount of fluid in the final weeks. It seemed every bit of my body was swollen. Many midwives commented on my oedema. But no one was weighing me.

So I asked if I could get a set of scales to weigh myself on the morning of the caesar. I'm glad I did! I weighed 77kg! 27kg more than I had started out at. More than half my body weight. No wonder I felt so tired!

Although in my optimistic dream world I would have had a really active natural birth and had been doing yoga classes and birth classes to prepare for one, I was actually relieved that the decision had been taken out of my hands. I was totally and absolutely exhausted by 36 and a half weeks and my legs had swollen up so much it was difficult to even sit on the toilet!! I felt with this and the fact that the medicos would insist that I have continuous fetal monitoring if I was in labour, and possibly an IV drip, there was no way I would have had an active birth anyway, let alone a really positive one.

So in for the caesar I went....

Posted by patton at March 02, 2004 02:12 PM
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