July 24, 2003
permalink The signs of pre-eclampsia

I told my doc I was starting to get anxious about the potential onset of pre-eclampsia as I'd noticed my feet and ankles getting a bit puffy about a week ago. He assured me some fluid retention was normal and that I would only need to worry if it was accompanied by things like major headache, pains up high on the sides of the chest, puffy face and hands, and a rise in blood pressure.

He said normally protein in the urine was an indicator but since I had pre-existing nephropathy I would expect to get a significant rise in my urine protein regardless so it wasn't a reliable indicator for me. He said my blood pressure was a better indicator and if it started to rise I could hire a home blood pressure device and keep a check on it myself. All very confusing really.


Posted by patton at July 24, 2003 05:16 PM
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