May 21, 2005
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Wow - I found out two days ago that I am pregnant again! Four weeks and six days today. What a shock! As I'm 37 and a half I'd expected it to take forever, but we conceived in our second month of trying, just after I weaned my daughter at 19 months.

Wow again.

It's been a rollercoaster of emotions the past two days, and I think I only got about three hours sleep last night due to my mind racing. At first, although I was soooo pleased, I was really really stressed about recent high blood sugars...

I'd started getting highs overnight and in the morning in the two weeks before I'd even got pregnant, which was unusual for me, and the first 2 and a bit weeks after conception involved quite a few morning and overnight highs.

I seem to have pretty much got them under control now by increasing my basals heaps at 8pm, midnight, 2am and 5am. But it took me awhile.

Once I knew I was pregnant I started beating myself up about imy high blood sugars. Some of the readings during those first couple of weeks were really nigh, like 15, 19 etc. So I worried that negligence on my part could have led to birth defects in my unborn baby, feeling as though I should have got the sugars down quicker, should have been much stricter about everything. But when my partner and I read through my bsl results for the past month together, we agreed that really there was not too much more I could have done.

I figured that something was giving me more insulin resistance this time around. Perhaps the fact that my Thyroxine dose now was almost four times what it was before I got pregnant last time had something to do with it? Possibly my sugar levels in the morning and overnight had bumped up because I'd just stopped breastfeeding my daughter at these times?

The obstetrician I saw last month told me it would probably take longer this time to conceive as I was now 37. Also as I'd only just weaned (stopped breastfeeding) my daughter, there was no way I was expecting to be pregnant this quickly! I was possibly less anxious (and therefore less totally strict) about my sugar levels than I would have been if I really thought there was a good chance I'd conceive this quickly.

Also I think in retrospect, it might have been better for me to wait a little longer after weaning before trying to conceive, just to see if the weaning might affect the blood sugars (which I now suspect it did).

No matter how much I wish it was otherwise, the level of ultra-control I feel I need during pregnancy is really hard to sustain when I'm not sure if I'm pregnant.

So once again, given this reality, those first few weeks blood sugars probably couldn'd have been much better.

Although my endocrinologist said he did think high blood sugars could effect embryogenesis in the first two weeks after conception, the books I've looked at seem to indicate that most birth defects happen between weeks 5 and 10 (3-8 weeks after conception). So hopefully, although my sugars are still a bit erratic at times, we will be okay.

On a personal note...

Although I was nervous about the high bsls in the recent weeks, I knew by my reaction when the GP at first said he didn't think the preg test he was doing was positive, that I really did want to be having another baby! And now! This one!

I'd had a dream on Thursday morning that a pregnancy test was positive. I remember seeing the actual strip in the dream.

Then I woke up, had breakfast, and did the test. The strip seemed exactly the same as the one in the dream. And yep, there they were... two lines... not just one... pregnant!

Still, I thought there was a chance that I could have dipped the strip in too far or something and could have got a false positive. So went off to the GP for confirmation. At the end of the appointment, he handed me the test. It had a very feint second line.

A blood test, that the friendly patholody nurse, Heather, had marked urgent for me :-) had come back positive. And said I was in week five already.


My little 20 month old daughter is in just such top form right now. Grinning up at us most of the day! My work is going well. Just one day a week, with flexible hours, from home. We now live in our own home, so no moving this time!

All we have to do is paint the kids' bedroom, build a sandpit, put a fence up... oh yeah ... and grow a baby.... just in time for Christmas!!

For some strange and inexplicable reason, my daughter (could it be the influence of granny?) is running around saying "little sister" all the time now... hmmm....

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