May 21, 2005
permalink Obstetricians - where are they when you need them!

Hmmm. the other thing that had been stressing me out for the past couple of days was finding out that my obstetrician would be overseas for the month of December, which meant that if the pregnancy went the same way as the last one, she would be away in the lead up to the birth and the birth itself!

I'd been so happy to have gotten in to see this ob in advance. She was warm, friendly, and had heaps of experience in diabetes and in working with my endo. I was grateful to the obstetrician I had for my previous pregnancy for many reasons, but I'd often felt a bit deflated after my appointments with her. She seemed to disapprove or at least be uncomfortable with the many questions I would ask her. I think she thought I was panicking and should just relax. I remember her saying 'you don't need a PhD in childbirth' which I understand, but I really do like having a lot of information to base my decisions on.

I'd also had a somewhat unusual post-birth experience, with oedema causing my wound to leak and some disturbing, thankfully temporary, neurological symptoms (visual, language) which were also probably caused by the massive oedema. So it was really important for me to have someone very experienced. I contemplated going back to see my previous ob as she would have known the history first hand, but she too was going to be away around the time of the birth.

When I'd seen this new obstetrician I had specifically asked her if she thought we should avoid 'trying' during the month that would lead to a December baby, as I'd heard it was not the best time (due to busy-ness and staff shortages, inductions etc) to be at hospital. She'd been encouraging, saying 'If it's meant to be, it's meant to be' but the bugger didn't mention that she was going to be away on conference leave!!! Urg!

I am now eagerly awaiting a phone call from my endocrinologist to find out whether he, too will be away on leave in December. He was away for the last birth.... I am so nervous!!

Posted by M.A. at May 21, 2005 07:10 AM

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