June 17, 2003
permalink Feeling ripped off? Try Buddhism :-)

I'd been stewing for a couple of days over someone else using my ideas and running away controlling a project that I was passionately interested in.

Neurotic? Who me?

I felt I hadn't been acknowledged blah, blah, blah...

Well here are a couple of passages from a Buddhist book I read today that helped me put things in perspective....

"We may have to change our priorities and simplify our life in order to heighten our sense of authenticity and commitment to deeper values. Even if we take such revolutionary steps, there is no guarantee this will increase our quota of happiness. Perhaps the key is to focus on service to others instead of constantly taking for ourselves. In this way the notion of ownership dissipates. People who experience daily life free from self-indulgence can find an abundance of natural happiness. True happiness does not depend upon the self getting what it wants."

From 'An Awakened Life', by Christopher Titmuss, Shambala Publications Inc.

"When we are caught up in our habitual patterns, we block access to loving kindness, no matter how cool, efficient and productive we may appear to ourselves or others. If we concentrate in daily life on loving kindness, our hearts will expand, and such a focus will contribute to our awareness and understanding of the interconnection of all life. Inner joy is a natural outcome of a commitment to respect our connection with daily circumstances rather than living in fantasies."

Also from 'An Awakened Life', by Christopher Titmuss, Shambala Publications Inc.

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