November 23, 2005
permalink Stuffy nose rides again!

Just for the record, I think the nasal congestion that plagued me during my last pregnancy has just begun again. At 32 weeks. Only mild so far, but when I lie down I do seem to get a bit of a stuffy nose.

Could this be the first sign of oedema? Didn't seem to be any in my feet yet, so hopefully it is a separate issue.

I've started using eucalyptus oil on a tissue under my pillow as it gives some relief. And I wouldn't mind buying a new bean bag to sleep on as it's the best thing I found last time when the nasal congestion got really bad.

Note - coming back and reading this post over a year later, I realise that I actually didn't go on to develop the nasal congestion of my first pregnancy after all. Thank goodness! It sounds minor when writing about it, but the inability to breath through my nose, particularly at night, during the last pregnancy, was massively distressing and contributed to my extreme, debilitating exhaustion at the end of my first pregnancy.

Posted by patton at November 23, 2005 8:25 PM
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