December 25, 2005
permalink Steroids after all!

Well, in an interesting twist of fate it looks like I'm getting a dose of steroids after all to give bub's lungs an extra helping hand in case he needs it.

Not sure how I feel about this. A bit relieved I guess as I was worried about having a baby who wasn't quite ready to come out and this should at least help the lungs. But I'm pissed off that they are leaving it to the 11th hour to give me the steroids (just 36 hours before bub's birth) as it will almost certainly play havoc with my blood sugar levels and mean that bub will be born with a greater chance of hypoglycemia and that I will be hooked up to a drip for several days for insulin rather than being able to stay well-controlled on my pump.

I would have preferred to have had the steroids a week before the birth to give my blood sugar levels a chance to restabilise. I mentioned this to my obstetrician a month ago before she went on leave and I mentioned it to my endocrinologist and the ob looking after me while the other one was away. No one seemed to agree with the idea of having me in hospital earlier. I think they think of the hassle factor ie this way there is just one hospital admission. But if we're really doing this to avoid bub having to spend unneccessary time in special care due to retained fetal lung fluid, shouldn't we also be doing what we can to avoid bub having to be in special care due to hypoglycemia?

When I talked with a diabetes educator who had been a great supporter of my pregnancy on the pump last time (when no one in my city had had experience with it) she agreed that giving the steroids a week before the birth would probably be a better option. But with my obstetrician overseas it was virtually impossible to organise this.

I'm concerned about the effect of the steroids on my kidneys and my breast milk. I'm concerned about extreme highs and lows which could be dangerous for me and the baby. I hope it will all be managed well, but it's still a bit nerve-wracking.

So there you go, I'm heading off to hospital tomorrow night to get my first dose of steroids. I'll be remaining there until the birth a day and a half later, and then for up to a week after that.

Wish me luck...

Posted by patton at December 25, 2005 06:35 PM
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