July 24, 2003
permalink Sore feet - ouch!

Okay this is just a whinge post! But I'm the sort of person that's very slack with regular exercise and especially exercise for the sake of exercise... so what I do best is walk. Often just a couple of times a week but say for 50 or 60 minutes, typically on my way to an appointment. Typically wearing RM Williams boots (yes, yes I know... no arch support, not the best for walking, but don't get me started on why I can't wear most shoes, why I hate shoe-shopping and why the RMs are generally the only things that will keep me away from monthly visits to the podiatrist).

Anyhow, after quite a big walk (to the doctors and back home again) a month ago in my RMs I developed a really tender spot on the ball of my right foot and I've been too timid to do a major walk on it since. It's even sore walking around the house if I don't have shoes and thick socks on. So apart from the yoga class and pregnancy exercise class which I generally get to about once a week, and is pretty low key, I've pretty much turned into a couch potato :-(

I've been told that it's just the combination of my growing weight and the shift in my centre of gravity along with these pretty hard on the soles of the feet shoes. But oh! What a pain. I haven't found a solution yet. Sitting on my bum isn't good. Walking any distance in my RMs isn't good. I think it's probably time to visit a shoe shop for the hideous process of finding shoes that will fit me. But I really can't be bothered. I'll rumage through my shoe pile first.

I'm sure it will all be fine. But I've definitely reached a blobby phase of the pregnancy and know darned well that a decent walk or two each week would do me the world of good. And it's just frustrating that doing so is not a simpler process!

** When this problem recurred temporarilly after the birth of both my children, I found that the gel arch supports you wear inside your shoe (available from chemists) were a fabulous help. I think the relaxing of the ligaments that occurs in pregnancy, plus the carrying of a new baby (on the inside or outside!) plus some oedema in the case of my first pregnancy is what led to the foot pain. A non-diabetic friend experienced it too during her pregnancy and she suggested the gel arch supports.

Posted by patton at July 24, 2003 05:33 PM
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