March 02, 2004
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I figured I'd leave off buying nursery furniture, clothes for the baby etc until we moved into our new house. Good in theory. But a bit of a last minute dash in retrospect.

By the time we'd moved in I was really feeling the exhaustion of the third trimester and with my blood pressure just beginning to rise and my body starting to retain fluid, it really was tough going getting organised at this point.

The cot ended up arriving just two days before the baby did in the end!

I remember the last few weeks as just being full of lists. What to put in my labour bag (ha!). What to put in my hospital bag. What to buy and do for the house. Who to put on the email announcement list. It was list after list and my head was in such a fug that I don't think any list was actually finalised or finally acted upon.

I remember my doctor telling me to rest - "You can unpack one box per day". Eventually she told me to just lie down most of the day with only minimal activity. Given the amount I felt I "had" to get done, this rest thing was pretty hard to do and my doctor knew it. She started "threatening" half joking, but well more than half serious actually, that she would put me in hospital if I didn't rest. And that was what she eventually did.

At thirty-five and a half weeks I was admitted to hospital for "rest and observation."

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