February 12, 2003
permalink Seven Weeks - I'm a blood testing maniac

I'm seven weeks pregnant. So I guess my baby has been growing for five weeks! We came to Byron Bay yesterday afternoon to spend six glorious days relaxing and catching up with ourselves.

So far I've only had mild, barely detectable nausea. I feel like a bit of a dodgy pregnant woman when I think about what I "do" about it. Hmmm A strong cup of coffee and a fried egg on toast!!! First thing in the morning...


I'm embarrassed to say I'm doing around 15 blood tests a day. Partly due to the odd high which has left me flabbergasted. Partly testing to make sure I'm not having a hypo eg before driving, walking or having a conversation with someone. My doctor tells me my control is "fabulous" but that he's concerned I might be over-treating. Wants to avoid too many hypos which might leave me with hypoglycaemic unawareness.

Last week I got two 35A errors on my pump in 24 hours. Never had that happen before. Could be nothing. Could be the lead screws. Something didn't seem right. Some higher than normal readings led me to panic and take a protophane injection which threw my sugars again. (Pump rep advised me to do this). I expected a replacement pump to arrive from the company the next day but when I rang the rep that day she was only just getting onto it. Two days to get me an emergency back-up pump and I was furious. I was able to borrow a pump locally to use overnight after a bit of ringing around, which was a great relief. Now the replacment pump has arrived I have peace of mind. Very much hoping the rep will send my pump to the US for testing before returning it to me. Wow - out of control pregnancy paranoia! It is quite freaky though in the early months especially when your sugars get out of control and your pump seems to be malfunctioning.

So at six weeks we've decided to contain our news and our excitement due to the 1 in 4 rate of miscarriage in the first trimester. I so hope all is going well with this little one. Aside from it being really emotionally distressing to have a miscarriage, it would also be very difficult from a diabetic perspective because it's so tough keeping so vigilant about the blood sugars. So much effort. Not that I'm complaining. I'm happy to do it. Just that it would be so hard to have to start it all again. I guess also, already being 35 I'd like to have this baby and hopefully at least another, so having things go smoothly would keep time on our side. Fingers crossed.

The next day...

We are having a gorgeous time in Byron. Drove to Mullumbimby yesterday and drank chai tea while listening to local conversations and had a afternoon walk along the beach. I sit here this morning at a little outdoor table surrounded by gorgeous palms and tropical plants. The ocean is beckoning.

But I am soooooooooo tired. My poor partner. I flake out at 8.30pm and beg to go to sleep with the lights out. My partner wants me to wear eyeshades. I am just so, so exhausted.

Pregnancy tip for others: Wait till the second trimester if you can to have a holiday. You'll be less tired and not too huge yet!

Posted by patton at February 12, 2003 03:59 PM
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