July 31, 2005
permalink PS - Which ob? The final decision?

The ongoing saga of which ob should I go to for this pregnancy seems to have settled finally. But my mind went into another whirl when I announced my pregnancy to two friends and discussed my concerns over going to my old ob for the month that my new ob was away overseas, the month I would likely need intensive monitoring and would likely see the birth of my baby, worrying that the old ob would feel possibly miffed by my obvious lack of going back to her. Both friends actually agreed that this was an issue. One said she would feel miffed if she was my ob. The other stressed the importance of me at least needing to feel good about my decision. About having built a good relationship again with the old ob before she stepped in (hopefully!) to take over my care.

Phew! What a mind-bender! But even without these comments from my friends, I had been unable to let the issue settle in my own mind. So I was happy to have their comments.

I'd pretty well reached the conclusion that it would be smoother and less stressful to try to get in with my old ob for the duration of the pregnancy and have the continuity of care. But I also felt funny about changing paths this far down the track.

I thought the least I needed to do was phone my old ob (although I was still extremely ill with the flu) and see if 1. she was still taking patients 2. she was going to be there when my baby was due (December, possibly January).

Well, she apparently always takes on her old patients. And she was going to be working up until 31st December (phew! at least she would be around when my bub was likely to make it's appearance). But she was going to take the first two weeks of January off, so the receptionist (who was lovely and friendly and remembered me) wasn't sure it was such a good idea that I book in with her as my official due date was 17th January.

Perfect! Just the information I needed to be a reason to have gone to the new ob and not to feel guilty when seeing the old ob. There was still a reasonable chance that I would need close post-partum monitoring (even that bub would not be born yet) in the first two weeks of January. It made sense that I went to the new ob. It was going to be slightly tricky either way.

But finally I felt good about my decision.

Phew again! One less thing to stress over...

Posted by patton at July 31, 2005 08:23 PM
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