February 17, 2007
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Wow - Once again I can't believe it's taken me so long to get back to this diary to finiah it off. Life is busy with a beautiful fourteen month old boy and an energetic, imaginative and inspiring three year old girl to look after. It's exhausting at times, but life is also indescribably gorgeous. I feel incredibly lucky to have my two precious little ones in my life and very grateful to my medical team, my friends and most importantly my wonderful life partner for their support during my two pregnancies and beyond.

At my endocrinology appointment a couple of weeks ago I found out that my kidneys had recovered from the second pregnancy. The protein was 0.26, pretty much the same as it had been just prior to conceiving my son and even better than it had been prior to conceiving my daughter! So my kidneys have seemingly bounced back. Great news.

Sometimes I feel as though I have three children. The third is my diabetes. I'm always needing to check... just what is this third child up to now? It's a wily child, an unruly child, and often it gets neglected in the busy immediacy of having to look after my two real children.

My most recent HbA1C was 8.9 which is not great at all. Partly it's because I tend to eat late these days and fall asleep before being able to check that my blood sugar is settled for the night. Often my sugar levels are quite high on waking. My baby boy sleeps near me. When I wake to feed him at night the last thing I feel like doing is turning on the light to test my blood sugar. But that's what I need to do to get my blood sugars down again. That and to record my bsls. That is what has always helped. But it does take some disciplne. Also I know I tend to under-insulinise because I dislike having hypos. Hmmm.

I've had a couple of dreams lately about having an actual third child, but have no logical intention of doing so. I'm thirty-nine for a start. Perhaps this third child actually is my diabetes? I owe it to my children to get my diabetes under control again so that I can be around for them and healthy for them for as long as possible.

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