May 21, 2005
permalink More support needed in the first trimester

One other thing I've been reflecting on is that there seems to be not enough support during those early weeks of pregnancy for women with type 1 diabetes.

It might be different in some specialist centres, but in my situation, my private ob doesn't want to see me till week 8, and until yesterday I thought my endo was going to be away for the next six weeks.

So you're left to cope with managing your sugars during this labile time as well as your emotions with respect to possible birth defects, on your own. I know that obs would really have no need to see patients this early, but what about the diabetic who has specific questions and concerns about the effects of bsls on a brand new embryo?

It's not even the clinical support that seems crucial. It's emotional. It just feels to me as though we need some kind of connection with our health care providers during this process. Some kind of reassurance.

Compounding this feeling of alienation and lack of support, is the abrupt and detached treatment you can get from clinic and specialist receptionists.



The place I've found some support and some community is in online forums like and the book by Josephine Costa and Allison Nankervis on Pregnancy and Diabetes.

Posted by patton at May 21, 2005 07:27 AM
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