June 25, 2003
permalink house-hunting!

On Saturday my partner and I headed out house-hunting, again... vowing that it would be our last day. At least until the baby was born. After 4 months of constant looking, we'd become depressed at what was out there in our price range. Miy partner confessed that he'd actually given up hope of finding anything! And I thought we needed to give up house-hunting and start preparing for the baby (which we'd planned to put off until we had found a house). I also thought we should spend some nice relaxed time together before our baby was born.

So... we walked resignedly into the last house we were going to look at for at least the next 6 months... and... We found it!!.... the house of our dreams!!!! :-) Unbelievable. We realy really loved it. I was almost paralysed by the shock and barely slept for the next three nights.

After a lot of "touch and go" manouevres, nail biting and freaky super-human negotiating (I think I've turned into an animal protecting her young) we signed a contract with the owners on Monday :-)

We're now in a new type of semi-hell, waiting for the finance to come through. .we have a very tight finance timeframe in our contract....fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by patton at June 25, 2003 06:17 AM
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