December 19, 2005
permalink headaches at 36 weeks

Headaches this morning and last night. Crampiness and very frequent Braxton Hicks contractions for the past two days (but seems to have eased off now). My ob noticed a fair bit of uterine action in my CTG scan last Thursday, asked me if they were regular and said 'oh well if you go into labour this weekend we'll have a baby!'

My old ob has been terrific and I feel very reassured and lucky to have her looking after me at this time. I appreciate her up front, honest, tell it like it is, manner this time around. She's been very supportive, helpful and understanding about my desire to collect cord blood for stem cells.

The thought of going into labour earlier than even the planned 37 week caesarean is something I truly have not given enough consideration to. I assumed my mum could drop everything and drive the one hour to be here and look after my daughter until my husband's parents arrived from interstate. But talking to her on the phone yesterday makes me think this is not to be the case. She works full time and I don't think would consider leaving work as an amergency if need be. This has thrown me into a panic.

I now have offers from a few friends to look after my daughter if I go into labour early which is lovely, but none so far are really great options for her. ie no one has offered to come here and stay at our house for say 24 hours, where she will feel more comfortable than at their house. And none of them have looked after her for an extended period of time. My friends are also about to go into labour themselves or else have one or two children of their own to look after, so asking for their help at this time is also pretty hard.

So far I still don't seem to have the oedema and my blood tests last week are still good, but 'drifting'. I am due to get more today. See my ob tomorrow and have a growth scan on Thursday.

In addition to the two days of cramping (which I have assumed is probably just normal: baby pushing more against my cervix with a few more braxton hicks thrown in type thing) I am now really vague in the head. Spacey. Perhaps it's a bit panicky. It's hard to concentrate. Will get my blood pressure checked at the Chemist today just in case.

I have sent details of my daughter's routine to my mother in law, am depressed that so many of the things I really wanted to get done before bub 2 arrived are still not done, but there you go... and to be honest I feel guilty that I have not given enough consideration to the new baby. We still have no agreed upon name and I am waiting to get baby clothes sent up from my in laws. We sent ours down to my sister in law when she had her baby a year ago. So I'm a bit stressed that bub doesn't even have much to wear yet.

Apart from that I guess everything's fine. I'm off to finish packing my hospital bag....

Posted by patton at December 19, 2005 11:05 AM
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