July 10, 2003
permalink Detecting "big babies"

I knew I'd done well with my blood sugar control in my first trimester so hopefully had minimised risks of congenital malformations** but I'd been told that the concern now was of having a macrosomic or big baby as this often occurred for women with diabetes.

When I had a 26 week ultrasound done last week I asked the sonographer if the big baby syndrome was picked up at this stage. She said no, generally later. That the baby doubles in weight between 32 weeks and term and this was when it was usually picked up.

I figured I'd have to wait and see...

Today I saw an endo who works with a specialist Diabetes and Pregnancy clinic and asked him the same question. He said they'd published a paper on it recently and it was a matter of some controversy. Said it could be picked up at 26-28 weeks and the markers were there at around 18 weeks.

So what did he think of my results?

Music to my ears. The baby's size was smack, bang in the middle of the normal range which is a good sign that everything is going well! Although I'd been having a bit of variation in my bsls over the past few weeks and my insulin requirements had started to increase, he said it didn't seem to have affected the baby :-)

My blood pressure was also still good 120 on 70, despite an incredibly stressful 24 hours of trying to sort out the purchase of our new house, a week of bad night's sleep, a full-blown argument with my partner this morning and a bit of a prang with a parked car in the hospital car park on my way to the endo appointment!), Amazing. Although in terms of developing pre-eclampsia I know it's still early days.

"I think you're doing really well," he said. I loved this guy.

"Now you just have to keep it up". Urg.

** although worries about this still lingered on in my mind

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