July 24, 2003
permalink Big baby or little baby - what's the story?

I'm confused. I thought now I was in the third trimester the thing to worry about from a diabetic point of view was getting a big baby due to high blood sugars and the baby compensating by producing excess insulin (also a growth hormone) which would turn it into MONDO BABY...

but no, today my lovely endo tells me, "You have to remember what we want to watch for with you is a small baby" Well blow me down Charlie...

He says because I have pre-existing nephropathy (my protein:creatinine ratio started at 0.1 (pre pregnancy and stable for the previous ten years) and was now 0.2 (pretty good he said for someone with nephropathy in the third trimester, 'we expect it will rise') the thing they look out for is a small baby due to something or other that sounded like insufficient something or other.

I guess in short my kidney problems, whilst still in the somewhat mild stage, mean the baby might not get all the good stuff it needs for growth :-(

Hmmmm, so there I was thinking how clever I was with this ole body having a baby that was measuring smack bang in the normal range. When now I wonder if I have a macrosomic (big) baby that's also getting starved of some kind of nutrients so therefore small. A small baby process is cancelling out the big baby process. ??? Now I'm completely confused!

I choose to believe that my baby is getting everything it needs from me. I choose to believe the good blood pressure and the people who've said GOD You're looking good. Yeah, bugger it. Why not?

Posted by patton at July 24, 2003 05:40 PM
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