September 17, 2006
permalink Beautiful Baby Boy!

I can't believe it has taken me this long to write my final entry... but there you go! Life with two little children is very busy!!

My darling baby boy was born at 7.30am on 28th December, healthy and beautiful with his long eyelashes and full head of gorgeous dark hair. Thanks to my wonderful paediatrician, as soon as he was seen to be healthy and breathing well, he was placed straight onto my chest for a profound, loving and relaxed cuddle. Skin to skin contact with my beautiful boy. He just lay there for the longest time, curled up and content.

As soon as I got to recovery I put him to the breast and he nuzzled and fed beautifully straight away. We fed him a syringe worth of the breastmilk that I had expressed for him in the previous week and he drank that too. This was to give his blood sugars a boost.

As planned and suggested by my lovely obstetrician, my baby boy was taken gently out of me, his head lying on my tummy for awhile before he was totally born. So gentle.It was as natural a caesarean as I could have hoped for.

To my delight, I was able to bring him back to my room with me rather than having him whisked away to Special Care for a day and a half which was what had happened with my daughter. I tested his blood sugars while the nurses watched at regular intervals and was advised by my paediatrician to make sure he got 30ml ** of expressed breast milk with each feed (every three hours) after he had fed from the breast. This amount was calculated based on his weight and was to ensure that his blood sugars were kept up. He was an amazing drinker and drank quite massive quantities really for a newborn!

The steroids I had been on for the day and a half before his birth had indeed caused my blood sugars to be higher than I would have liked at times and I am sure this was reflected in the fact that he suffered hypoglycemia on day one. Still, his hypos were not severe and in fact most of them may not even have been hypos but the normal lowish blood sugar of the newborn. Anyway, he was getting plenty of breast milk and his sugars stabilized.

I was determined to avoid him being fed formula if possible due to the question mark over whether early exposure to cow's milk protein might be a trigger for developing type one diabetes, so was pleased to be able to keep him topped up on expressed breast milk and milk direct from the breast. Mind you, this involved me expressing quite a lot at each feed when my own stores of expressed breast milk from the previous week ran out. I managed quite an incredible amount of colostrum for day one but at one feed I couldn't quite get enough, so my wonderful paediatrician appeared with some Neocate formula. It contains amino acids rather than the whole protein so is used for instance in highly allergic babies who need formula. We used this once or twice.

After his blood sugars had been stable for awhile I stopped the expressing and fed just from the breast. Interesting in hindsight how nerve wracking this was for me. I so wanted to make sure that his sugar was high enough and I couldn't see just how much he was getting from my breast. But going just to the breast was exactly what we both needed now and soon we were both confident.

How lovely to be breastfeeding again. To feel all that lovely Oxytocin flowing though me again. I was the happiest person on the face of the earth.

Posted by patton at September 17, 2006 11:14 AM
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