June 14, 2005
permalink 8 weeks and 4 days!

Wow - suddenly when I look at how pregnant I am it seems quite a lot, although until now it feels like these early weeks have just been dragging on very slowly.

As a diabetic I guess I'm acutely aware that my baby's organs are forming at the moment, and that right now is the highest risk time for birth defects (between weeks 5 and 10 according to the book, Diabetes and Pregnancy). So the stress that goes with blood sugar control right now is at it's peak. I feel as though it will be a relief (hopefully!) to be past this first trimester, especially if we have a positive scan at 12 weeks. But then again, it's only at the 18-20 week scan that you get a real reassurance about your baby's development as it's then than most of the bub, including kidneys and skeleton, are visible, with the heart not often properly visible until after 20 weeks. Argh! Being pregnant as a diabetic is not for the feint-hearted... or maybe it's better suited to someone more laid back than me? :-)

Anyway... symptom-wise I've definitely got the fatigue....

I've been in bed by 8pm just about every night for the past three weeks. Just flaking! It feels like I'm heaps more tired than I was when I was pregnant with my daughter, but my partner reminded me that I was probably more tired anyway before this pregnancy than I was before the last pregnancy (running around after a toddler all day!) so the extra tiredness made sense.

I've definitely got morning sickness, a generalised 24 hour kind of thing, stronger than last time (I have actually gone off coffee this time), but fortunately no vomiting - yet!

But apart from that, so far so good, everything's grand!

Posted by patton at June 14, 2005 06:30 AM
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