December 03, 2005
permalink 33 weeks - When to have the baby?

When to have the baby and whether or not to have steroids for a 37 week delivery to ensure the lungs are mature.

I laugh when I read the subject title for this post as I realise that bub could just decide to make his own early entrance and surprise everybody! But I just wanted to follow on from my previous 33 week post where I rave about whether or not to have bub right on 37 weeks or wait a bit longer....

According to my endocrinologist... 'They are just as good out as in at 37 weeks. Trying to wait until 38 weeks could be riskier for you and the baby. You are booked for the caesar mid-week (Wednesday) when there will be plenty of staff around (paediatrics etc). You don't want to be going into labour on New Year's Eve when there are fewer staff and people are pissed'. (NB I think the last bit is a bit tongue in cheek but stilll...)

Endocrinologist on the topic of steroids... 'I wouldn't bother. Chances are they won't be necessary anyway (ie bub's lungs would be mature enough anyway) and it's a hassle for you (two extra days of hospitalisation) and will muck up your blood sugars. If we did do it the best way would be to admit you two days before the caesar, give you two courses of steroids and have you on an insulin/dextrose IV infusion and a sliding scale to keep tightest possible control of your blood sugar levels.

Posted by patton at December 03, 2005 08:39 AM
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