July 24, 2003
permalink 29 weeks today - and getting puffier!

Well I had an appointment with my endo today and it was pretty good all round. HbA1C of 5.6, blood pressure 130 on 70 (still hanging in there!), everything was good apart from my iron levels which are now deficient. Nothing surprising here. Pretty common in the third trimester. So it's onto the liquid iron supplements for me (tablets make me constipated!). My weight had gone up by around 5 kilos in less than a month which seemed a bit excessive to me, but I reckon it's largely fluid retention as I've been noticing swollen ankles for the past two weeks and in the photos my man has been taking of me lately I am starting to resemble Margaret Thatcher. Something about the hair and a certain puffiness of facial features. Lovely lovely lovely :-)

Posted by patton at July 24, 2003 05:00 PM
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