July 03, 2003
permalink 26 weeks - getting bumpier!

I guess I've just hit the 3rd trimester so the fact that I'm actually starting to feel quite bulky is understandable. In bed I feel like a bit of a beached whale with pillows under my feet and my bump and the wee one seems to like to play the acrobat at 3 and 5am. Sleep deprivation in my case definitely begins early!!
I also find myself bumping into things as I walk past them, rubbing against them inadvertantly with my bump. And getting up and sitting down are starting to involve some new motions!

Our finance has been approved so we should be moving house in 4 weeks, which I think might also have something to do with the restless sleeps I've been having. So much to do........

Also for the past week I've noticed my blood sugar levels rising. I've increased my basal levels to around 0.7 all day and my boluses to 2.0 per carb. This is quite different from when i started out in the pregnancy with basals of 0.3 and 0.4 and boluses of 1.3 per carb. I'd read that although insulin requirements generally go up during pregnancy at about this time, the bsls are generally easier to control. I haven't found this at all. Mine seem to be going from too high eg 12s, 15s to hypos (probably from overtreating the highs). I think the busy-ness of house buying has probably made my usual irregular life even more so, and I feel guilty for not eating much more regularly and exercising regularly too. I've never been a very "good" diabetic in this way.

Oh well, the 26 week scan today looked good. Everything is in the normal range apparently.

The sonographer said that the ultrasound scans are very accurate at picking up abnormalities of the spine at this stage, around 80%. With heart and kidneys the accuracy is about 50-60% and abnormalities of the face are the most difficult to detect.

I was mainly being scanned for size and apparently everything there was normal. She said it was normally not until after about 32 weeks that they picked up the macrosomia (largeness) of babies of diabetic mums. Said the baby pretty well doubles its weight between 32 weeks and term. Mine currently weighs about 2 lbs. They measure the baby's abdomen to see the chubbiness.

Posted by patton at July 03, 2003 06:36 PM
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