July 31, 2005
permalink 15 weeks and so much has happened

Well, it feels like so much has happened, but has it really?

We've told my family and my partner's family and some of our close friends about our bub number 2. I've had the nuchal translucency screening and first trimester blood test. I've been almost debilitated for 2 weeks with the flu and then spent 1 further week recovering with various levels of exhuastion and contagiousness (the bliss of being able to breath through one's nose again whilst lying down is just amazing, as is having working taste buds and sense of smell, no fluid on the lungs and not throwing up and weeing every time you cough - what has happened to my bladder?).

I have started back on coffee (just half a cup a day usually :-), am very constipated, seem to be over the morning sickness just about, got a HbA1C of 6.3 a few weeks ago, am way behind in my work (about three and a half weeks), have my in-laws coming to stay in one month (I guess that's not too drastic :-), have a daughter who's definitely hit the terrible twos (tantrums) but also is very gorgeous and talkative, imagined I saw a penis on the baby in the 13 week ultrasound (surely not visible already :-), have found out that two more of my good friends are pregnant (amazing as last time I was pregnant no one I knew was pregnant or had kids), have to decide whether or not to buy my sister's car in the next two weeks, have a husband who is job hunting after his beloved company of 14 years decided to close up shop (only has one more month's pay), um and I'm booked in for an amnio on Thursday.

Posted by patton at July 31, 2005 07:13 PM
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